Episode 1

Introduction to health

Time Icon 47 mins
An introduction to economics and health economics, including how healthcare decisions are made in the UK and an overview of different types of economic evaluation.


PC-GB-103070 | December 2020
Episode 2

Introduction to health
technology assessment

Time Icon 48 mins
An overview of the health technology appraisal (HTA) bodies and processes in the UK, as well as evidence considered during evaluation and the impact and challenges of implementing HTA guidance.


PC-GB-103071 | December 2020
Episode 3

Budget impact models

Time Icon 36 mins
An introduction to the structure of budget impact models, including a walk-through of a typical budget impact model template.



PC-GB-103072 | December 2020
Episode 4

Critical appraisal checklist for
evaluating healthcare programmes

Time Icon 48 mins
An overview of how to critically appraise economic analyses, including a worked example using a validated appraisal checklist. Please access the following publication for use during the webinar: Cost-effectiveness and budget impact of Empirical vitamin D therapy on unintentional falls in older adults in the UK.


PC-GB-103073 | December 2020